The Northeast Oregon Home Builders Association is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and promoting companies and individuals working in                                                                                                     the construction industry.

Company Name Contact Phone              City               Member Type

4 Seasons's Paint Co LLC Mike 541-571-1885 Hermiston Associate
5D Contractors, LLC Rod 503-649-1307 Corbett Builder
Barton Laser Leveling Robert 541-584-9830 Hermiston Builder
BD Ables, Inc. Buildmaster Larry 503-789-3868 Hermiston Builder
Britt Sand & Gravel Tony 541-523-4974 Baker City Associate
Bruce Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Ron 509-734-1906 Hermiston Builder
C & C Construction Hector 509-521-6820 Hermiston Builder
Carl Holt Construction Carl 541-567-8249 Hermiston Builder
Columbia Basin Student Homebuilders Curt 541-567-6013 Hermiston Builder
Concrete Special Ties, Inc. Brad 541-567-8810 Hermiston Associate
Don Kirk Construction Inc. Don 541-469-5743 Harbor Builder
Eastern Oregon Heating & Air LLC Richard 541-567-3095 Hermiston Builder
Enegry Trust of Oregon Susan 866-368-7878 LaGrande Associate
Findley Brothers Construction Brandon 541-567-3219 Hermiston Builder
Four Seasons Insulation Steve 541-523-6058 Baker City Builder
Fred Carlson Jr. Electrical Fred 541-567-9673 Hermiston Builder
Garmache Landscaping, Inc. Brett 509-736-9100 Richland Builder
Golden Contractor Services, LLC Leo 509-531-6985 Pasco Builder
Hermiston Glass Phillip 541-567-6679 Hermiston Builder
Home Insulation & Associates, Inc. Rex 541-276-1897 Pendleton Builder
Housecraft Building & Renovation, LLC Joseph 541-278-8445 Pendleton Builder
Inland Plumbing, Inc. Jess 541-567-1912 Hermiston Builder
Johnson Electric David 541-983-0324 La Grande Builder
Kelly Lumber Supply, Inc. Jason 541-278-4446 Pendleton Associate
Knerr Construction, Inc. Brent 541-567-6914 Hermiston Builder
Kotter Construction, Inc. Kim 541-983-7908 LaGrande Builder
La Grande Drywall, Inc. John 541-963-8645 LaGrande Builder
MITrac Construction, Inc. Mike 541-963-4324 LaGrande Builder
MonteVista Homes Luke 541-318-1830 Bend Builder
Mr. Insulation Co. Inc. Randy 509-544-0358 Hermiston Builder
Ne-Hi Enterprises Greg 541-623-6008 Baker City Builder
Noland Door Co. Inc. Ron 541-567-6906 Hermiston Builder
Pendleton Heating & Air DBA Thews Sheet Metal Joseph 541-278-3751 Pendleton Builder
ProBuild Don 541-567-2550 Hermiston Associate
Queenberry Construction, Inc. 509-968-6347 Pendleton Builder

Robert Brooks Painting

Robert 541-963-0222 LaGrande Builder
Sage Contractors, Inc. Dave 503-558-1009 Happy Valley Builder
Sheets Painting, LLC Jason 541-983-6809 Pendleton Builder
Shelco Eletric, Inc. Curt 541-567-5532 Hermiston Builder
Sid Johnson & Co. Mark 541-673-5737 Baker City Builder
Smith Securtiy, LLC Tim 541-564-9398 Hermiston Associate
Summit Construction, Inc. Joseph 541-788-1471 LaGrande Builder
Trent Ezell Construction Trent 541-314-5651 Hermiston Builder
Triple C Redi-Mix, Inc. Pattie 541-523-6648 Baker City Associate
Umatilla Ready Mix Dustin 541-571-6913 Hermiston Associate
Wallows County Grain Growers Bill 541-420-3116 Enterprise Associate
WC Construction, Inc. Doug 541-437-5730 Elgin Builder